It is our pleasure to accept the McKay Scholarship towards tuition.
Crystal Academy Primary School develops and nurtures a child's individualized ability, while meeting the needs of the child through academics, evidence based services, and socialization with peers. We believe that children learn in different ways so we foster individual learning styles to make your child more independent and social within their community and within their life.
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At the CRYSTAL ACADEMY, that is our mission.
Central to our approach is the belief that, through the right interventions and learning, the brain can be re-wired and cognitive function can be enhanced. New neural pathways can be developed through intensive, one-on-one therapies, as well as group activities during the early years and beyond.   The Crystal Academy Primary School is proud to provide a variety
of evidence based services and curriculums that are crafted into holistic programs individualized for each child that include Academic Learning; Language Arts, Reading, Math, Science and Social Studies, Behavior Therapy based on the Verbal Behavior VB-MAPP, Speech and Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Sensory Integration, Play Skills, Adaptive Daily Living Skills, Music Therapy, and Socialization Skills. Our program was developed to provide a behavior and language-based intervention that promotes communication, language, cognition, independence, and social development for our children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. The CAPS program will cater to children on all levels of the spectrum by designing a holistic and individualized program. Students will be engaged in group activities and therapies as well as one to one individualized instruction and therapy.
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Take the first step to a better future for your child and your family, call us at: 305-567-5881
Fry Bowl Foundation
Our  heartfelt  thanks goes out to  Jim  Fry,   Jack  Leniart  and the

Fry Bowl  Foundation  for  making  Crystal  Academy  a  benefactor

of  this  year's  Fry  Bowl  fundraiser.     The  Fry  Bowl  Foundation

raised  $5,250  for  CAPS  and  the  children  of  our  community.

Fry Bowl Foundation
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The Crystal Academy is located in the secure and idyllic setting of the St. James Lutheran church in Coral Gables.
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